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bbc_narnia's Journal

A BBC Narnia TV Series Fans' Community
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While there are many communities here on LiveJournal extolling C. S. Lewis' wonderful series, and almost as many interested in the upcoming film, none have yet been devoted to the little-known live-action TV series made in the late 1980s.

This omission, however, has now been rectified. bbc_narnia is now open for all who wish to join in the discussion and love of a great adaptation of an even greater book series!

Before you begin to post, looking over the guidelines set out below would be much appreciated.


  • Be polite and friendly to all other members of the community

  • Try and keep at least vaguely on topic

  • Keep it clean :)

  • Do not post any actor-fics (fanfiction that involves the actors)

  • No slash, please. I know that this is a touchy topic for many people, but I'd really appreciate if we could all be nice and just understand that I've got preferences when it comes to this. Thanks awfully. :)

  • Have fun!

Your friendly neighbourhood founder (I don't think much, if any, moderating will be required here) is joogie. 28/9/2005: From now on, marshmellin is administrator/moderator. Thanks for the support, guys! ~joogie