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The Pevensie Reunion Transcript

Finally, after searching and searching forever I found that someone posted in another forum the full transcript for the 2003 interview reunion from the region 2 Collector's Edition. While I would've loved so hear audio or view the video, the transcript is better than nothing at this point. So, here's the words straight from Richard Dempsey, Sophie Cook, Jonathon Scott, and Sophie Wilcox: the original Pevensies, telling their experience while working on the series many years ago. Very insightful, too. So, enjoy!

Cast reunion
Pevensie Children
BBC television centre
16th April 2003

First: shot from the movie

Professor: Name?
Peter: Peter, Sir.
Susan: Susan, Sir.
Lucy: I’m Lucy!
Professor: You have a name too, I trust?
Edmund: Edmund.
Peter: SIR...
Edmund: Sir...

Start of the interview:

Edmund: Hi, I’m Jonathan and I played Edmund in the Chronicles of Narnia.
Lucy: Hi, I’m Sophie and I played Lucy in the Chronicles of Narnia.
Peter: Hi, I’m Richard and I played Peter.
Susan: Hi, I’m Sophie and I played Susan.

Where did you first meet?

Lucy: Well, we first met at the final auditions, didn’t we? The director was trying to pair, basically, a family… Because you’ve got to make us look like brothers and sisters.

Peter: There was a series of workshops...*looking at Lucy* We met at the second workshop I think. There was an exercise we all had to do, to tell each other about our families, and then remember it. Remember what the other person said. So it was basically an exercise if we could listen to each other. I think it was...*Sophie Cook starts to talk and he is looking at her* You didn’t do that?

Susan: I can’t remember.

Lucy: I think I didn’t listen.
*all laugh*

Peter: Well, it’s all on the documentary. They cut it down to two families at the end...that’s where we met.

Lucy: And even though we were quite young, we all knew what was going on. There was a bunch of like, twenty kids, waiting in what they called the green room, and they were calling people in and out, and you kind of knew when you were standing...

Susan: At the last hour it was just us standing there..

Peter and Lucy: Yeah...

Susan: So we had some kind of a feeling...

Edmund: It was quite a bizarre selection.

Susan: Speak for yourself!

Peter: (I can relate) to the risk of the family, really...the other ‘family’ they cut down was more like a typical idea what the Pevensies would look like.

Susan: Oh yeah totally.

Peter: We were quite unusual for what people had in their imagination...

Lucy: I didn’t look like Lucy at all! If you look at the books and the original drawings, she is kind of tall, skinny, and long hair… I was just short and shumpling? With great big head (or something like that) and short hair!

All: *laughing*

Susan: Yeah, I think I’m the shortest one all changed.

Do people still recognize you?

Peter: Oh yes.

Edmund: Occasionally...

Peter: Sophie (Lucy) is the most different...

Lucy: Not me, thank God...I knew I would reach a point in my life...when people weren’t saying...Sometimes people say...what are you doing I say: well I’m an actress they say: oh what have you done? And I kind of say some things...and they are like: haven’t seen that, haven’t seen that, but you still look familiar...and then I say: well I played Lucy in the The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and they say: oh that’s it! Oh my god...

Peter: It’s quite strange when you meet children about nine or ten, who weren’t even born when we made it. They are obviously watching it on video or dvd.

Susan: I’m at university now, a lot of people who are now like 21, they were little when they watched it and they really loved it, so the only reaction I get is really positive, and I was really proud to be part of it, so anything is good.

Edmund: I get recognized occasionally, but just like she said, it’s such a good thing, it was good to be part of it and when people come up to you, they are positive and loved the story as well.

Peter: People remember the magical stories also very well.

Lucy: Yes it was also on Sunday afternoon and you would sit down with your parents and have tea. I had the same with “Box of delight”, like two years before Narnia. I always had nice memories of that.

What was it like to work with the special effects?

Susan: We were taken to a theatre, where they filmed Peter Pan I think, or a show, and they strapped us in and we stood at one side of the stage and we had to run to the other side and we take of and ‘fly’.

Peter: Especially with Prince Caspian we had special effects.

Lucy: We spend a lot of time just up in the air, on Aslan.

Edmund: I was on the back of an unicorn or something. If you look good, you see that my knees are actually in the wings, they added me later.

Peter: It’s a beautiful animation.

Edmund: And all that wind and we had to pretend we saw wonderful things.

Lucy and Susan: Oh yes, we had to look like that, but the only thing we saw, were blue mats.

Lucy: We had such a fun with all these blue things that you would keep before your head, and it would disappear and stuff.

Peter: Also Jonathan and I had to swordfight with things that weren’t there; we were fighting against animated creatures.

What was it like acting in the snow?

Peter: It was really cold, remember we had to wear these shorts, or skirts, we were wearing thermo-underwear.

Lucy: The snowy scenes were filmed in Scotland, yes there was snow but also we used a lot of fake snow, what was like soap or something. It looked great, but if you look carefully, you see that in some scenes you see like soap on our shoes.

Peter: The actors who played the beavers particularly found it very hard to walking in the snow, so you had these members of the crew, the beavers retrievers, they caught them every time they fell.

Susan: The first day of filming is when we walked out of the wardrobe. We wear wearing kind of teabags, when you shake they heat up, we had them everywhere.

Did you have many fans at the time?

Lucy: Yes, we had fans. We had kind of a mixture of fans, didn’t we, when it first came on we had a lot of Bible fanatics, 'cause there is a religious undertone, it’s very similar to the story of Jesus Christ. But it was kind of freaky when you sort of age thirteen, getting a Bible with a letter, obviously they took the effort to write it, but I preferred the letters who said: “I really liked you in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe."

Susan: I got a few of letters from America, and a lot of red roses, they were dead at the time I got them. They sent them to the BBC first, so...

Peter: Do you remember the BBC got some letters from people who commented TV-programme, somebody wrote: ‘why can’t the BBC get a real child to play the part of Peter, instead of a overgrown pompous yuppie dwarf’

Lucy: They said about me that I was popping out of my clothes. I know I was choppy, but come on! *laughs*

What was it like to work with Aslan?

Peter: They spend a lot of money on creating this animatronic Lion, the first time we saw him, the body wasn’t quite finished. We only saw his head, but suddenly you had a real lion in the room! His eyes were really expressive, Aslan was just there.

How did the filming of Narnia effect your careers?

Peter: Well, I wanted to be an actor when I grew up, so Narnia opened a lot of doors for me. I did some more TV, did some musicals and I went to America, so it was a great start.

Susan: I taught ballroomdancing in Australia and acted in “Home and Away” just for the fun of it and taught ballroomdancing and went to Vegas and competed in Vegas, I’m now studying at the university, (to Jonathon) you’ve been to university...

Edmund: I just finished it. After Narnia I did some acting and decided I had enough and didn’t know what to do, just travelled around and did things some years without a goal, but after that I went to university and I restore pictures.

Lucy: I didn’t want to do nothing else. My parents sent me back to school and finish school and could go then to drama colleges and stuff. And I got in, so they had to support me for another three years. *laughs* Now I have an agent and do some acting. When I’m not acting I’m a nanny and that’s great and I work with children in musicals, which is great.

End of interview

Credit for the transcript goes to huge_narnia_fan from NarniaWeb Forum and The Dancing Lawn Forum.
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